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What is your Pre-Game is an entertainment/media based business, which will give athletes and nutritionists a forum to educate in a fun and relaxed setting. WYPG will also give fans an opportunity to interact with Sam Horn. From sports celebrities, to people of interest, to your everyday hard working person, everyone is looking to get an edge on their competition. Regardless of your profession we all have something in common–FOOD. We select what we eat by the presentation, taste, and content. We will provide documented nutritional information on everything you consume, along with software that offers a unique nutritional analysis to show how these foods affect your health. From those that have a great nutritional program to others that totally disregard nutrition, to those that even have their own crazy food recipes and ideals, What is Your Pre-Game will illuminate it all. We will get up close and welcome athletes from across different sports, speak to CEO’s and interview your average Joe, to discuss their secret recipes for success. Our second season is airing Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.! Don’t miss out!

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